Now Available on Apple TV & Loupe Web Player

Televise your NFT’s with Loupe’s industry-first WalletStream™


WalletStream can be found on the Home screen of loupeart.com.

  1. Launch loupeart.com
  2. Click the Profile icon upper right in the Navigation Bar to LOG IN and access your Account Settings.
  3. On the LOUPE ACCOUNT screen, scroll down and select NFT WalletStream.
  4. Enter your public wallet address, and select Flow or Ethereum depending on your wallet type. Give your wallet a name in the WALLET NAME field, select SAVE, then LAUNCH WALLETSTREAM.
  5. Give it a minute to load and enjoy!

If you click the PLAY button before creating an account/connecting a public wallet address, you’ll be prompted to LOG IN or SIGN UP.

Questions or suggestions? Send them to us at support@loupeart.com


Yes, you can still use WalletStream. Copy/paste this public wallet addresses: 0xfAE46f94Ee7B2Acb497CEcAFf6Cff17F621c693D

Yes, Loupe will only ever ask for your public wallet address. We will not ask for a private key/seed phrase. A public wallet address is fine to be shared, and how transactions work on blockchain technologies. Private keys are what prove ownership of a wallet, and Loupe will never ask for that.

Yes, from the Home Screen (upper right in Menu bar) go to your Profile then Account Settings. On the NFT WalletStream screen, select “ADD WALLET”. Multiple public wallet addresses will play back sequentially.

Very popular requests. On our product roadmap!

Yes, anyone you share your public wallet address with can stream it in Loupe when they go to loupeart.com, set up an account and follow the steps above.

Be patient. If you have a lot of NFTs in your wallet, give it a minute. If you have an unsupported file format, it won’t load at all – yet.

At the moment only still images /artwork and GIFs. We will have support for NFT motion art/video art and audio in the next few weeks!

No, anything streamed publicly on our global platform must be submitted by the artist to Loupe’s curation team for consideration.

There will be a mobile account set up that will link your TV with an activation code.

At this time, we randomize all the content from the public wallet addresses you add to your Account Settings.