Rado Rossum

Brooklyn, NY | Motion Artist

email: radorossum@gmail.com

social media: @radorossum (twitter and instagram)

website: radorossum.xyz


Art is my attempt to discover, move through, understand and leave a mark on the natural world. This world includes the real and imagined, the imaginary, the inanimate and animate, the animated, algorithms, all. The work is not the tools. The tools are but extensions of the self. The self is but a porous membrane between inside and outside. A camera extends the eye, a brush extends the hand, a computer extends the mind, synthetic thought extends organic thought. Extensions amplify reach and enable farther connections. The system of connections, nodes, interactions and  interdependencies is the creative act.

The creative act is a means to encounter the natural world. The work is the language of this encounter. The work is the expression of this encounter. The work is the externalized memory of this encounter.