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Moses Mitchell

Los Angeles, CA | Photographer


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Moses Mitchell started setting up his father’s lights and cameras at the age of three. As soon as he could, Mitchell began carving out a commercial photography career of his own that has now spanned twenty years. His clients have included the National Education Association, HBO, Showtime, MTV, Warner Brothers and Nike. In between jobs, Mitchell travels as much as possible to bring back polished, fine art imagery from around the world.

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My goal is to inspire those who see my work to look more carefully at the people and things around them. While I believe strongly in searching for the beauty in everything no matter what the subject matter, my primary focus has been landscapes and portraits. Strength of line — whether the lines occurring naturally in someone’s face or the broader dimensions of a cityscape or sunset — is the foundation of all of my photographs. Capturing the spirit of the person or thing as honestly as possible and then polishing the image without destroying its integrity complete my process. In the end, I hope that my eye and technique combine to bring the world images that are not only universally pleasing, but last lifetimes.

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