[Loupe art above: "Waterfall Meditation" by Cary Wolinsky]


With the average Loupe user session on Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and Android TV over two hours, the analytics confirm users enjoy leaving Loupe on their TVs as background visuals for a variety of activities in the home and work environment.  

We partnered with world-renowned neuroscientist Olivier Oullier to track emotional/stress responses, analyzing the changes in physiological attributes of relaxation brought about through the experience of Loupe art streaming.

Loupe Lab Focus Group

We encourage you to launch the TRANQUIL IMPRESSIONS, ABSTRACT, WIDE-ANGLED POEMS and INTROSPECTIONS channels — or any channel that your eye gravitates to — and experiment with how Loupe reduces stress and enhances your mood while engaging in any of these activities:

  • Meditation and yoga practice

  • Working or unwinding after work

  • Socializing with family and friends

  • Illness and recovery

  • Listening to your favorite music