Mary Pat Nally is a self taught artist based in Springfield, Ohio. Her work reflects the dichotomy between light and shadow in the human experience. Mary Pat began creating art in 2012 at the start of PTSD symptoms. She uses markers, pens, pastels, acrylic and watercolor paints to create abstract and geometric art pieces. In 2013, Mary Pat received First and Second place in the Ventura County Fair. Mary Pat uses art as a form of meditation and finds it to be very healing.  Mary Pat’s intention is that her art will have a healing impact on others’ lives, just as it did on her own life.

Artist Statement:
“The inspiration for my art pieces is rooted in my own connection to myself, others and the world. I often choose a Sharpie marker, paint, or gel pen on watercolor paper as a way to express myself. It is my hope that those who connect with my art might come to a deeper connection within themselves.”

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