Loupe Painting Artist Kevin Trinh

Exhibited at the Westfield World Trade Center, Phillips and Sotheby’s in New York; the magic of fireplay ignites in Kevin Trinh’s work, as the power of art is the fire of our existential quest.

His artistic practice is an attempt of making sense of our senseless and chaotic world, an invitation of participation and dialogue. The experimentation of materials using gold leaf, acrylic and oil, together with the fracture and destruction of the canvas by means of void spaces and burning is a metaphor in this liberating investigation. The ashes of the elusive self are espied in the phantom image reflection on the gold surfaces.

His latest work explores the complexity that mediates out body and the exterior – the exteriorization of our body and the internalization of our exterior.



Stream the Kevin Trinh Artist Channel.
View his works also on the Dark Edge and After Hours channels.

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