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Karen Lee

Eugene, OR | Photography & Fiber Arts



Both in her earlier career as a psychotherapist and now as a visual artist, Oregon-based Karen Lee has always been fascinated by the stories we tell ourselves. The impact of our autobiographical narratives on our present life is a theme she frequently explores in her work. Her colorful mixed media artwork compels the viewer to look closely and react.

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The idea that we see things not as they are but as we are strongly influenced my work as a psychotherapist, and it continues to be a guiding force in the artwork I create. I make art so that I can remember what I’ve seen and felt and care about, and to connect with others using images as my means of communication rather than words. The viewer of my artwork will have her or his own uniquely personal emotional response, one I hope will deepen their understanding of themselves and the stories they tell of their lives. Each piece is composed of multiple layers, a physical representation of the complexity of our human experience.