Juke Blue is a multigenre artist creating pop/art in Berlin. He combines his old-school look and sound into a new art-form dubbed retrophonica. It is a tongue-in-cheek approach that blends feelgood pop, 80s synth and prog rock into a distinctive aesthetic you can either stream via the usual platforms or buy as physical prints.

Artist Statement:
“My prints are crafted with a unique new-retro look that I create either by editing and colouring vintage footage, or by digitally decaying and colouring my music videos into a pop/art aesthetic. Jagged lines, hot pinks, metal blues, fiery reads, sunset yellows and crushed blacks define my first two collections, From Berlin with Love (2019), a film-noir inspired collection based on the colours of the German flag, and American Dream (2021), a faintly ominous US automobilia-inspired set of prints for wanderers of desert highways.

In the collection “From Berlin with Love”, I sought to establish an iconic, timeless aesthetic that would suit diner walls, piano bars and hotel lobbies fashioned to create a mood of seduction, espionage or intrigue. There is a world of desire, not altogether wholesome, lingering behind certain individual images, while other pictures reveal the tongue-in-cheek nature of Juke Blue as a creation of the artist himself. American Dream, in its muted hot pinks and blues, is aimed to trigger a sense of nostalgia tainted with a feeling that something is not quite right, like one might have when seeing the car ‘Christine’. Both collections were prepared in my Berlin studio.”

Stream the Juke Blue Artist Channel.
View his works also on the Human Form, After Hours and Dark Edge channels.

View his website.

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