Josephine Florens was born in Odessa on September 22, 1988.

Graduated from Odessa National Academy of Law and received a Master’s degree in Civil Law, graduated from Odessa International Humanitarian University and received a Master’s degree in International Law.

She started painting in 2017. She studied individually at the Art-Ra school of painting with the Odessa artist-painter Sergei Simora. The main direction of study was the South Russian school of painting.

Josephine Florens is a member of the National Association of Artists and Sculptors of Ukraine, member of the Odessa Marine Union, Ukraine. Member of the section “Environmental Protection and Monitoring of the Black Sea”. She is the founder of the “Obriy Nadii” charitable foundation – .

Creates oil paintings in various genres, such as portrait, landscape, still life, genre, animal, and marine painting. Works with oil paints. The painting styles used in the work are realism, impressionism, mixed styles.

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View her works also on the Living Creatures, Human Form, and Introspections channels.

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