The Loupe marketplace on Apple TV is now also available while web streaming. Purchase originals and fine art reproductions of artwork that you experience on Loupe from select Loupe artists—including works from the ARTI.NYC collection and PARISH KOHANIM gallery. You can also purchase Loupe artwork directly from loupeart.com/shop.

While some artists may only stream their work at this time due to a variety of reasons (digital images unavailable that meet our requirements for fine art printing, gallery obligations, etc.), all Loupe artists share a deep commitment to our vision of discovery and “art for all” that the Loupe streaming experience offers.



Loupe Marketplace FAQ

1    What kind of paper will my Loupe fine art print be printed on?
Loupe is pleased to be working with Hahnemühle Premium Papers.  We are beginning our marketplace with Hahnemühle Photo Rag archival paper for its especially bright white, smooth texture and richer tone rendering.   It has a substantial weight for handling, mounting and framing.

2    What is Loupe’s printing process?

Loupe is committed to producing the finest quality prints.  Our museum quality printers provide precise color matching, premium paper quality, expert proofing and state-of-the-art printing techniques. In addition to our fine art paper reproductions, we are pleased to offer acrylic mounted prints from the Parish Kohanim gallery (click here to view the collection).

Loupe is offering fine art prints in three sizes (11 x 14, 16 x 20 and 24 x 36).  Keep in mind that fine art printing requires a much higher-resolution digital image from our artists than is required for full-screen streaming of the art on Apple TV, especially for larger size prints.  This explains why you may see a piece of artwork available in our marketplace only showing the smaller sizes available. 


3   How are the borders set on the images, and how does Loupe address the dimensions of the original art within the three print sizes ?  
Prints follow the art’s original proportion— the image length matches the longer side, while width retains the aspect ratio. A square original will print as a square. The final print has a 1/2 inch border around the image for mounting and handling.

4    Why might my print look slightly different from its appearance on my TV? 
There are various influences that can affect the way an image appears on TV or a computer screen versus a physical reproduction.  Digital images of art can appear brighter than the final print, especially with high resolution screens that are backlit.  The color of the lighting in a room, and the paper's ink absorption, surface reflection, luminance or light reflectivity all affect the way a print can look. 

The differences get more even more technical. Images you see on a screen (TV, laptop, smart phone) are generated using the RGB colorspace, while print colors are created with a combination of colored inks known as CMYK.  This translation of RGB light to CMYK ink can create a variation in certain hues, depending on when and where you are viewing the image. This is not a flaw but rather the nature of image reproduction.

5  When will my fine art print arrive after placing an order?

Please allow 2-3 weeks for the custom fine art printing and free delivery of your order.

Loupe Marketplace FAQ

1    Will the original work of art include a Certificate of Authenticity?
Your artwork will arrive with a certificate of authenticity, which is completed and signed by the artist, attached to the back of the piece.  An artist may sign the work of art itself at their own discretion. 

2    Will my artwork arrive ready to hang?
Works on paper are left to the customer’s discretion in terms of framing, matting and hanging. Original paintings on canvas commonly will arrive already stretched on a wood frame, while some may be painted directly on a variety of materials, i.e. wood panels, plexiglass, etc.  A frame hanging kit (not included) may be required for some pieces not already fitted with a hanging wire. 

3   Why might my original piece look slightly different from its appearance on my TV or monitor?
While today's 4K screens have incredible accuracy capturing an artist brushstroke, there are inherent differences between the many screens where we view artwork today.  Also, the digital image is impacted by how well the photographer captured the image - lighting technique, camera lens, etc. (See Fine Art Print FAQ question #4 above for more detail.) 

4    How does shipping work?
Some pieces will be shipped by UPS in a protective lined Airfloat Systems StrongBox, a trusted leader in art and antique packaging. Larger pieces will be handled through our fine art shipping partner.  For all items, the customer or a designated representative must be available to receive and sign for delivery at the destination address and time coordinated. 

5    What if I would like to specify a delivery time? 
Customers who purchase items that are shipped via UPS have the option to sign up for the UPS “My Choice” program.  Via this portal a customer can specify a particular delivery window of their choosing (additional fees may apply).  For more information, please visit https://www.ups.com/mychoice/features/

Customers can also make specific delivery requests via the Special Delivery Instruction box upon online checkout in the Loupe marketplace and we will do our best to accommodate those requests.  Customers may  arrange for delayed delivery within the first 24 hours of ordering by contacting us at support@loupeart.com

6    Can I throw away my packing materials? 
We ask that, in the unlikely event of a return, the customer retains and reuses the original packaging and/or crating materials. This could potentially help to reduce the return shipping fees deducted from your refund.  Those customers who receive pieces shipped in an Airfloat Systems Strongbox may choose to save these high quality materials for future storage or transport.

7    What is a Fine Art shipping partner?
Our fine art shipping partner handles deliveries that require special attention or are of a size that warrant additional packaging or more gently handling. The shipment is professionally packaged in a wooden crate, handled with optimal care to avoid damage and delivered to the customer by professionals who are experienced with fine art shipments.  Installation services are not available at this time.  

8    What is included in the cost of shipping? 
Shipping for original artworks includes the direct costs of your artwork’s transit insurance, shipping materials, packing, transportation and delivery to the threshold or just inside the door of your residence.

9    Where does Loupe ship?
We ship in the contiguous United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska). We are unable to ship to APO/FPO and P.O. Boxes.

10    How do I track the progress of my original artwork shipment?
Depending on the size and shipping method, your original art piece could take up to 3-4 weeks to transport.  You will receive follow-up shipping details from Loupe after the initial order confirmation, informing you whether your artwork will be shipping from UPS or our fine art shipping partner. Customers will then receive tracking information via email within 7-10 business days of purchase.  Customers purchasing larger pieces requiring fine art shipping service will be contacted directly by our fine art shipping partner to arrange for a scheduled delivery date and time. 

11    Are items insured in transport?
Yes. Your piece is insured from the moment the artwork leaves the possession of the artist or their representative until it arrives safely at your door.  This covers the piece while in transit for both loss and damage. 

12    Can I combine shipping on multiple items of original artwork?
No.  Original pieces ship directly from the artists who reside in locations throughout the United States and the shipping is calculated based on the size and weight of each individual piece.  We request that you also place any print orders separately from original art orders.

13    What happens if I am not home to receive my delivery during the mutually agreed upon time?
Re-delivery charges will apply if the customer is not available to receive their shipment as scheduled.  Please contact support@loupeart.com ASAP to make changes to your scheduled delivery. Not all changes can be accommodated. UPS will attempt delivery up to three times before returning the shipment to its origin. Customer who purchase items that are shipped via UPS have the option to sign up for the UPS “My Choice” program.  Via this portal, a customer can specify a particular delivery window of their choosing (additional fees may apply).  For more information, please visit https://www.ups.com/mychoice/features/.  Items shipping via our fine art shipping partner will be assessed a $50-90 delivery re-attempt charge which must be paid before the item can be re-delivered.

14    What happens if I receive my package and it is damaged?
In the unlikely event of damage incurred during the shipping process, the customer must inspect and document damages to the packaging and artwork before the delivery person departs, making sure a notation is made on the bill of lading (freighting receipt) BEFORE signing for receipt. The customer must also email Loupe at support@loupeart.com  within 24 hours, notifying of any issues and all photographs of damage. A Loupe representative will contact you to discuss further action.  Please see your “Buyer Best Practices: Delivery Checklist” which will be emailed to you with additional detailed instructions immediately after purchase.

15    How long does it take to process a refund?
Refunds typically appear on your credit card statement in one to two billing cycles. Your refund will take the form of a credit back to the same card used to make the original purchase. Refunds on undamaged returns will be minus the original cost of fulfillment and the cost of return fulfillment.

16    How do I cancel my order?
We may not be able to cancel an order if it's already in the shipping process. To speak with a Loupe representative and inquire about canceling or changing an order that's already been placed, please contact support@loupeart.com.