Hodaya Louis is an interdisciplinary artist who works in a variety of media from film to assemblage to paintings. Her work manifests her personal landscape, and often includes moments in the lives of women. She is strongly influenced by her Orthodox upbringing, multi-cultural background, music and training in fashion design.

Notable exhibitions include The Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art and The Society of Illustrators Museum in NYC. Named an “Instagram sensation” by Brides Magazine, Louis has collaborated with The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The American Museum of Natural History. Recipient of the “Distinguished Artist of Israel” grant (2010), and winner of the “Next Generation Design Award” by Luxottica Group (2009).

Louis’s artwork has appeared on the official banners of the New York Garment District, and has been commissioned for the Tribeca Featured Film “Egg” (2018), as well as numerous commercial projects and private collections. Her work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Insider, W Magazine, Brides Magazine, Metropolitan Magazine, The Cut and Teen Vogue.

She often serves as a guest judge and speaker at The Fashion Institute of Technology, where she received her BFA in 2010.

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