Guirado Legacy is the inspiration of Spanish/British top model and TV personality Catalina Guirado. Launching a life style accessory collection of luxury scarves, fabrics, cushions, pillows, throws and bespoke wallpapers inspired by select enlightening works of art by her father she has created a unique luxury design brand available for licensing partnerships as well as bespoke luxury collection pieces.

Guirado Legacy is more than just art. It is a way of life that embodies the bohemian gypset (gypsy + jet set) lifestyle of her family, with the emphasis on the Spanish flamenco culture mixed with rock n roll bohemian glamour. Juan Antonio Guirado’s art is strongly influenced by his spiritual beliefs, study of eastern philosophy and mans quest for enlightenment. The artwork chosen for Guirado Legacy is specifically chosen for its enlightening qualities that best reflect his beliefs and philosophy shared by his daughter. Catalina’s designs capture the duende  (spirit)  of both generations of artists, with her new design imagery reflecting her own influences from music, fashion, film, pop & urban art for a contemporary audience.

Launching a collection of luxury silk scarves, fabrics and bespoke wallpapers inspired by select enlightening works of art by her father she has created a unique luxury brand, having been commissioned by London’s top hotel The Sanctum Soho to create a unique wallpaper and interiors collection for suite 401, the hotel restaurant No 20 as well as an assortment of clientele from aristocracy to rockstars.

Artist Statement:

“Using my understanding of textile design and art I am inspired by my late father Juan Antonio Guirado’s spiritual art work, that lends itself beautifully to fabric print and design. The art that I choose to reinterpret reflects both mine and my father’s interest in metaphysics and eastern philosophy. I wish to bring these enlightening elements into people’s homes as beautiful and inspirational feature wall and furnishing designs  that create a feeling of serenity as well as stunning fabric prints that are a focal point when worn. Each design inspiration compliments and resonates with the other, reflecting the universal flow of energy” – Catalina

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