Loupe applies streaming technology to visual art so you can be as immersed in art as we are with music. It expands the physical experience of a piece, allowing artists to see their work in a new context, while also reaching patrons globally.

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Stream, showcase and sell your artwork on your own art channel from any screen!

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Artist to Artist


Maui, HI | Painter

“Loupe is great when I have friends over. We love listening to music with the now added benefit of streaming interesting artwork… an added layer of visual stimuli to our time together. I also love the fact that Loupe offers print sales, which is a new outlet for me.”

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Miami, FL | Digital artist

"I like that Loupe allows art lovers to go beyond the traditional concept of a gallery; giving them a unique visual experience which they can bring into their own homes."

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Kyiv, Ukraine | Photographer, Digital Artist

"I like Loupe’s imaginative approach to art distribution. I like Loupe’s taste for artists and its founders and curators’ understanding that art is not ‘fun’, but a necessity of a human soul. I like that it’s led by ambitious fearless women. I hope it’s going to grow, surprise, and connect more and more with art lovers."

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