Everything in this world burns, nothing is Fireproof. This is not a negative saying, but a positive one of (you) following your dreams. Eric Eli  had spent 16 years as a Career Fire Fighter, only to have his dreams taken from him one day. He said “Ok, one goal in life accomplished, let’s work on the next one”. But all through his years as a Fire Fighter he felt like Richard Dreyfuss character in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” movie, with his  unwavering desire to make something or something calling him. Day and Night being restless, In the movie it was aliens, but for Fireproof aka Eric Eli Olivarez its Art…  I’m bringing an avant-garde perspective on an old trade of comic illustration. Retro-ish imagery with Commercial grade graphics. ART, IT GOTS TO POP!!!

Artist Statement:

“I am bringing out the fanboy in me with the Pop culture references. The technique of cross hatching, shading and story telling of retro comic strips and comic books into my style. The big colors, bold lines  and negative space of

commercial and graphic art.  Throw in a dash of Low Brow and Pop Surrealism and

I believe I have created a style of art that is all of my own…”

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