The strengths of Extraweg lies in Motion Graphic Design, Animation and Art Direction, from Concept and Design to Production.

Artist Statement:

“I have always been a creative person, but it took me a while to discover how to channel all that imagination. It was after studying physiotherapy that I decided to give a 180 degree change to my life and enroll in the Bauhaus University in Dessau, Germany, to study design. From there, everything has been happening very naturally in my career,” says Latta, as he describes his journey in the field of motion design and media art till now. “From a very young age, I have been a great photography enthusiast and shortly after I began to edit images and videos, I realized that the audio-visual world was at times somewhat limited. That’s when I started to become interested in 3D Motion Design and discovered its endless creative possibilities. What I really love about motion graphics and animation is the creative freedom that I have – where the only limits are set by imagination itself.”

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