Eun Young Yun, Korean, is a contemporary  New York based figurative painter who lives and works in Palisades Park, New Jersey. She obtained a BFA from Kyung Sung University, Busan, Korea in 1991, and she studied figurative oil painting for 4 years at the National Academy of Fine Arts in New York in 2008~2013. She held many competitions and exhibitions in Korea, New Jersey, New York.

Artist Statement:
“I am a New York based figurative artist and mainly do oil painting. For me, painting is a respite and healing. Painting portraits often reflects my emotional state in my virtual reality. I paint color shapes stacked in layers in the background to make the subject stand out more and convey my emotion with the object. I hope my art transforms emotion, peels back layers of the subconscious, replaces anxiety and stress with positivity.”

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