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edgar lituma

Suwanee, GA | Painter


Edgar Lituma Soto has traveled to all corners of the world. Tracing a path through colorful alleyways in South America to the swarming, vibrant markets of southeast Asia, his art is an intricate blend of multicultural influences and the visions of the hazy dream-world between sleep and consciousness. The uniquely artistic member of his family, the Sucua, Ecuador native is now a graphic designer and animator by trade, though his downtime is full of creative endeavors—the products of a passion for self-expression. His work has appeared in local galleries, pop-up shows and in mural form. Despite a severe case of chronic wanderlust, Soto calls Atlanta home.

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My inspiration for my work is what draws my curiosity. Litumaism is born out of a combination of my education, training and experience, which allows my perspective as an artist to remain true to itself. I am open to commissions, murals, or anything that could benefit from my visual presence.

Primary Mediums

Painting, illustration, digital art