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Donna Garcia

Atlanta, GA | Photography



Donna Garcia is a fine art photographer whose work elaborates on the idea of pulling away from a cultural grand narrative and toward a state of becoming and potential. Her work modulates against a fixed self and reflects a grounding in being. She creates images that аre indexical in nature not iconic – they are uncertain and indeterminate. The idea of time oscillation is throughout her work, and reads neither in one place nor another – destabilizing our perspective. Her use of abstraction pulls the viewer forward into a new sovereignty, expanded possibility, and towards the authenticity of an unbounded self.

She has exhibited at The Center for Civil and Human Rights: Civil Rights Museum in Atlanta, Gutstein Gallery, Atlanta Photography Group (APG), Cotuit Arts Center, Garcia Wilburn Gallery and SCAD/Atlanta Open Studio. Her work has been featured in PDN Magazine, The Cape Cod Times, SocialDocumentary.net, Grryo.com, and In-the-In- Between.com.

Donna Garcia has a Master of Fine Arts in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design (May 2019) and a Master of Science in Communications from Kennesaw State University. 

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Self-portraiture with motion and the idea of animism provide an indication of the other, a threat to the fixed position. It is a surplus threat to the perpetuity of the modern day super structure in defining elements like gender equality. Otherness is much more because it is grounded in being and is non-binary in nature. Her work is evocative and represents the trace of what is coming.