Born in Fort Collins, Colorado, a child of divorced parents, I grew up looking for creative outlets to fill whatever voids single, then later, step-parenthood brings to a young man with 5 younger sisters. I found some of that with music at age 12, diving head first into guitar, drums, and choir. During junior high and high school, I studied art and photography learning the value of contrast, perspective, balance and composition. In those days, in photography, we used film so we had to be very purposeful about what we did. Composition, light, perspective all had to be figured out before that first click. As an adult, initially my art was based in band flyers, album covers and whatever visual aids we could use. Later I would focus on music production and recording as well. An apprentice to a handful of sculptors and artists, I expanded my knowledge and skills learning wood, metal, and clay sculpture techniques and apply some of those same work principles in my artwork to this day. I picked up the camera after a long hiatus and began to find happiness and discovery in landscape photography. I have a strange love of departing in the very early morning hours to chase light and contrast with my lenses. Places many have been to and wish they could return, and epic places people have never seen but can visualize and learn about through my camera. I am truly inspired by the world, and I hope to inspire the world through my art.

Artist Statement:

“Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Darrell Maxwell, an artist. My passion is landscape photography, steeped in contrast, color, shadow, and light. As a teen I sought refuge in the arts, particularly music and visual art. First as a drummer than later as a guitar player. Music provided the opportunity to create visual art with album covers, concert flyers, t- shirt design, and band photography. Early adventures in photography included the high school newspaper through photography class, working with film, darkrooms, and chemicals. When picking up photography again in the digital age, I found that not having to buy film opened up a whole new world where capturing images is no longer limited by how many exposures were left on the roll of film! In this new world I began with images close to home, such as birds, flowers in my garden, and bees. I found chasing eagles, sunrises, and bodies of water led to my discovery of my favorite subject, waterfalls. Chasing waterfalls led to a need to become more physically active, taking up hiking (spikes, poles, backpacks, etc.) on my quest to find these epic locations. Instead of late-night activities of the typical musician, I found myself departing for my adventures in the very early mornings. Venturing half way across the state chasing the light before sunrise to catch the alpine glow, positioning my gear to catch the Milky Way, or perhaps getting in the gate of a national park before the timed entry permits take effect! My approach in the field is unique in that I don’t go into a scene with traditional “rules” of composition. Instead, I stay for a while and let the scene tell me where it would look best; composition, color, shadow, and emotion all tell a tale in the scene. I listen for those to talk. I’ve been fortunate to have some of my works exhibited in two collections “Colorado” and “Water”, affirmed as a LOUPE artist (streaming visual art), and won an award in the “Quintessential Colorado Photo Contest 2022” featuring my photo “Sunrise on the Garden” in the Colorado Springs Gazette. I was invited to be second photographer at several events at the Green Box Arts Festival In 2022. I’ve also been blessed with several photos being “shoplifted” by various travel blogs (I’m flattered). Follow my upcoming adventures and peruse my body of work on or follow me on Facebook or Instagram at Darrell Maxwell Photography.”

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