Carlo Maala was born on July 4th 1989, the same day as the birthday of The United States. Since he was a child, Carlo often surrounded himself with crayons, watercolors, oil pastels and eventually oil paints. He had thought provoking perspectives and images that translated to paper or canvas. People’s reactions were in appreciation of beauty and great conversation about how and why he created the art work.

While doing other jobs in his college years, he was surrounded by a city with rich culture in visual arts: San Francisco. He became a Young Urban Professional and learned the essential skills for business, such as client satisfaction and habits that make a successful man. Throughout the years, the field of art has changed from classic strokes of a brush to technology application featuring visual arts. These changes have inspired him greatly to search for the artist that has always lived within him and to become a professional.

Artist Statement:

I enjoy many emotions in life. I truly believe that in order to truly live a full of art and conversations one must enjoy the gifts experiencing happiness, sadness, aloofness, joy, bliss, paucity, morose, love and fickle situations among other adjectives that describe the human experience. These emotions has helped me create thoughts in my mind and express different types of beautiful works of art.

My daily emotions and decisions to expose my creative talents are guided with proactive mental creativity, then the consequences are choosing of colors, media, tech application to assist in making my collection of decor or even museum quality art.

I live a modern American life as an artist, constantly getting updated information from social interaction with galleries, podcasts, and scholarly articles so my art collectors are excited to have my art in their home or anywhere they choose to place my visual creations. I challenge myself to do greater things in order to show my life experiences not only in words but with visuals that intend to remain in memory and celebration of artistic appreciation.

It’s a great honor that people take their time to appreciate my artwork in technological platforms, canvases, and reprints.

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