You are viewing the Loupe Art html-5 web player on a Brightsign (model #/info) featuring:

  • Randomized premium art stream
  • Smooth image panning animations
  • Cross dissolve animations
  • Etc.

Loupe is a visual content streaming platform transforms the way people view and acquire art, through our pioneering Loupe for Business app; an affordable solution for out-of-home business verticals from hospitality to healthcare, to bring distinctive art streams into their lobby, offices, lounges or venue at large.

The Loupe for Business app allows businesses to schedule and manage the art content, tailoring the visual art experience to their location throughout the day and week. The Loupe streaming service features 600+ acclaimed artists from around the world in a customizable and curated digital art streaming platform with mood-based, cultural and seasonal themes as well as algorithmically-driven Stream by Color collections. Loupe’s ever-expanding art catalog of 8000+ images includes:

  • Award-winning Photography
  • Digital/Computer-Generated Art
  • Hi-Res imagery of Paintings, Mixed Media & Street Art
  • Motion/Video Art
  • NFT Art