Billie is a 22 year old freelance artist from NYC. In their childhood, Billie was raised around all types of art– They spent a lot of time in museums, and were encouraged to create their own artworks. Billie’s grandpa ensured that they had a decent art history education, and a good understanding of art concepts, eras and movements, as well as various influential figures, by taking them to all different types of museums throughout their childhood and formative years–it’s been a dream of Billie’s to curate their own gallery some day. In their work, Billie likes to portray a sense of surrealism and entertain abstract ideas, frequently adding a layer of irony or humor. They work in both collage and illustration; some imagery that can be seen throughout their work is the human body/anatomy, teeth, eyes, religious symbols or undertones, and acknowledgement of a potential higher power. As an artist with aphantasia (the inability to voluntarily create mental images in one’s mind), many instructors/mentors as well as peers have said that Billie has a very prominent style throughout their work, and others have said it shows an unusual and unique perspective on life. Billie believes that nothing is truly “ugly”– no matter how “ugly” something may be, they can always find a hint of beauty within it. It’s a talent that not many people have mastered, but they always encourages everyone to try to think about things realistically, in a balanced way– acknowledge the negatives but also acknowledge and emphasize the positives! To Billie, success is when their art provokes thought in viewers.

Stream the Billie Mae Artist Channel.
View their works also on the Surreal Psychedelic, Graphic Styles, and Dark Edge channels.

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