Allen Cotton is a photographer and professional audio engineer living in Jackson, Mississippi.

Artist Statement:
“I want to capture images that the viewer can feel as though they are part and that draws them in.

Early on I was drawn to landscapes and as my photography has progressed, I have included portraits and urban life as part of my repertoire.

I photograph to tell a story, a story that needs to be captured by my camera and I.

I love to travel and participate in other cultures. In doing so I have gained a valuable appreciation for people, their land, and their perspectives.

As I photograph, I ask myself questions like what is this person’s story, how did this place become so popular, what is the purpose of the chosen colors, etc.

When I am photographing something or someone I pause to think about how the viewer will see my image and what questions or emotions will it evoke in them.

Stream the Allen Cotton Artist Channel.
View his works also on the Places I Never Been and Wide Angle Poems channels.

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