Danish recording artist + actress SisseMarie transforms her home with LOUPE®


LOUPE® is a visual content streaming platform founded in 2016 by a team of audio and visual enthusiasts. The Loupe art player is designed to provide artists the opportunity for discovery by global audiences via a continuous, immersive display of artwork on TV and LED displays. Shop fine art prints and artist originals with Loupe’s integrated marketplace.


LOUPE was born when founder & CEO Dot Bustelo askEd one question:

What do the 1 billion people streaming music do with their TVs? 




The Metro-Atlanta Chamber of Commerce selected LOUPE® as a featured tech startup at SXSW Interactive. LOUPE® streamed for six months in the international terminal of Hartsfield-Jackson airport where 100,000 people pass each day.

An integrated marketplace, loupeart.com/shop, was introduced so LOUPE® users could purchase fine art prints and originals. This gave artists around the world a new platform to display and now sell their artwork. The LOUPE® team remained hyper-focused on building a beautiful, at times provocative, immersive streaming experience. Users stream art for an average of over two hours per session. 


Loupe is designed first and foremost as a streaming experience to add to the ambiance and energy of your home or workspace for extended periods of time. Being immersed in the Loupe world, a piece of art can suddenly compel you to grab your remote, favorite, and return to it in stream. If it truly resonates with your soul, you can translate it into something to purchase, introducing to your physical space for lasting enjoyment.

Loupe applies streaming technology to visual art so you can be as immersed in art as we are with music. It expands that physical experience of great art – like that first visit to the Louvre – to infinite physical locations, times of day, and moods.
— Dot Bustelo, CEO + Founder


#1 Lifestyle App on Apple TV


The team developed a proprietary algorithm which enables users to customize the experience… Stream by Color to match the mood or interior design, Stream by Artist to see more from a creative you love, and Safe Stream to filter artwork appropriate for the family.  Apple continually featured LOUPE® as one of their Apps We Love and Loupe reached #1 Lifestyle App on Apple TV in 48 countries.


A Loupe artist is not bound by a wall; their work integrity vibrates across screens, thus becoming universal in space. The images invite movement as well as contemplation, engaging in an active dialogue with the user. Emerging and established artists find a collective community centered around passion, while simultaneously sparking user interaction with custom “favorites” and purchasing abilities. To pinpoint a Loupe artist’s style would only limit their vision. The works featured span all mediums and genres, finding a resting point in projected wonder.
— Nicole Kutz, Loupe Curator + Featured Artist



The Recording Academy streamed Loupe at a private event for the 2018 Grammy nominees at the W Hotel. After the enthusiastic response, LOUPE® became available year-round at the W hotel. Soon other hotels, lobbies, restaurants, special events, and public spaces followed. LOUPE® solved the original content need for venues with large digital displays. Now these venues can create custom channels that speak to their brand. 

The City of Atlanta continued to recognize LOUPE®, featuring the pioneering art player during London Tech Week, and naming Loupe a finalist for the Global Impact Award for Innovation.  Invest Atlanta selected LOUPE® to participate in EmTech Europe 2018, a global conference on emerging technology, and LOUPE®’s activation at the Perez Museum with TILA Studios was named Blackbook Magazine’s favorite moment of Art Basel 2018.


28 Uninterrupted Popular Channels to Stream


What Loupe has done that is technically challenging is provide a visual experience worthy of high end art showcasing. Due to the high resolution needed to show artwork as close to its truest form, it presents a very unique challenge. Creating such a rich fluid experience on our platform across all the different device types (i.e. Android, tvOS, and web) has only been possible for a few years due to the limitations of the technology driving those different mediums. This means Loupe must use state of the art coding and engineering techniques to achieve the high level of quality and visual performance we find acceptable.

In addition to working on the Loupe player we have today, we also find that even this is pushing the boundaries of certain legacy technologies (smart TVs that aren’t as powerful as set tops or mobile devices) which have no way currently to achieve the visual quality expected of Loupe, so we find ourselves again pioneering a way to account for these gaps.
— Randy Etheredge, Loupe Lead Developer

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Available on Amazon Fire, Android TV & Web Streaming

with more platforms on the 2019 roadmap.


Today, LOUPE® is available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Android TV and web streaming with twenty-eight uninterrupted streams of popular channels like Tranquil Impressions, Graphic Styles, and Places I Never Been with artwork ranging from Street Art, Black & White Photography, Fine Art Paintings, Mixed Media, and now, Motion Art available for commercial license

LOUPE® represents artists from the U.S., France, the U.K., Italy, Brazil, China, S. Korea, Mexico, Japan, Spain, Norway, Scotland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Israel, Greece, and Switzerland, and more with new artists onboarded every month. Artists are invited to join the Loupe global artist community by submitting their work today!