How loupe Web STREAMING  Works


The Landing Page displays channels curated by Loupe and our Guest Curators.  Hover over the artwork to view the Channel Title.  Click the LAUNCH button to enter a channel and start the infinite stream. 

To view on your TV (without a 4th Gen Apple TV), use AirPlay or connect an HDMi cable from your computer if your Smart TV does not offer a supported web browser.  


  • Click the image to pause the stream, learn about the artwork, favorite it, and buy select fine art prints or originals. Click again to return to streaming.
  • MY GALLERY: Stream artwork you've favorited in this channel. Note: Log in to save favorites!
  • RANDOM PLAY: View a constantly changing collection from all Loupe channels.
  • RECENTLY ADDED: View select artwork added over the last two months in this channel.
  • Return to Landing Page: Click the MAIN MENU button or Loupe Logo on top.
  • Zoom In/Out (lower left): Toggle fullscreen, immersive streaming or viewing actual dimensions while art streams.  
    Note: In fullscreen view, the image pans vertically or horizontally depending whether dimensions are portrait or landscape.
  • SHOP: Click to pause the stream, then select the BUY button.  Note: To return to streaming, click the browser tab labeled "LoupeWeb".  Shop directly:

MENU BAR (upper right)

  • MUSIC PLAYER (Spotify icon): Launch the Loupe Music Player while inside the Channel Player
    • Choose LOUPE PLAYLISTS for playlists by channel or SHOW ALL to view all Loupe playlists. Activate your Spotify account  to view  your own playlists.  
    • Adjust volume in the Spotify app or your device settings.  Power Tip: While using Spotify, select the "Loupeart" user to follow Loupe playlists anytime you're not streaming Loupe.
  • SPEED slider: Drag to adjust speed of artwork transitions in stream from 15 seconds to 4 minutes.
  • LOG IN: Log in to favorite artwork for your personal My Gallery channel, or to purchase artwork in the marketplace.
  • INFO: Return to  from the streaming experience landing page.

SIDEBAR MENU (upper left)

    • BY CHANNEL: Default view; channels curated by Loupe or Guest Curators
    • BY COLOR: Rearrangement of the Loupe landing page to display art by the dominant shade of twelve primary colors
    • BY ARTIST: Stream artwork by each of the Loupe artists directly
    • ART CAPTION: Art Title and Artist Name are in view; non-interactive (designed for public spaces)
    • SAFE STREAM: View only artwork appropriate for family and workplace.