Loupe® is a pioneering visual art streaming platform for TVs and LED displays offering an immersive, continuous experience of contemporary art from around the world available to purchase. Designed for relaxation in the home, ambiance for interiors, event decor, and digital murals.


web STREAMING (+ Chromecast)

Stream Loupe from web browsers on your desktop, tablet and phone. Click to buy prints & originals. In the Chrome browser, cast to your TV!


apple tv

The leading art player on Apple TV, ranked #1 Lifestyle App in 40+ countries. Buy prints right from TV with ultimate interactivity. Free download on the Apple TV App Store.


Firestick & FIRE TV

NEW! Enjoy our streaming art player on Firestick and Fire TV. Stream incredible art playlists, regularly updated. Download Loupe free from the Amazon App Store.


android tv

NEW! Download Loupe from the Google Play Store on select Sony, Sharp, and Phillips smart TVs. View continuous art streams crafted for your every mood! 


Stunning Visual Art

There are thousands of hand-curated pieces of stunning visual art on Loupe. Stream and enjoy beautiful, evocative visual art from around the globe anywhere with our visual art player on Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Android TV, or web streaming at: 

Stream. Love. Buy.

Much of the artwork you see streaming is available for sale, bringing timeless value into your home.  Swipe up to purchase fine art prints on Apple TV, click while web streaming to pause the stream and purchase prints & select originals, or browse directly at:

Art Channels (“Playlists”)

Discover 25+ expertly curated playlists of artwork on Loupe, designed to fit your mood or desired ambiance. Whether you’re feeling Surreal, Abstract, Tranquil, Black & White Photography, Bizarre, Fashion Edge and more, we have a continuously updated channel for your taste.  The Loupe art player on  Apple TV and web also offer "Stream by Color" or "by Artist" - hundreds more channels to suit your every mood and atmosphere.  The Safe Stream Filter (artwork safe for family) is available on Apple TV and web streaming.

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