[ Loupe artwork above: "Orange" by Austin Phelps ]


While web streaming, choose your own Spotify music playlists or select Loupe channel playlists curated by top-level musicians & Loupe music programmers, directly inspired by the mood of the artwork within a particular channel. 

In Spotify - Follow loupeart when you’re away from a connected screen and want to be transported into Loupe moods. 

I create the playlists entirely from how the art makes me feel. I select a channel, such as Abstract, and allow myself to be moved by the pieces in the stream. To me each channel is like a journey, not meant to be viewed piece by piece, but rather experienced as a whole. Each piece serves as the necessary step to continue to the next.

“This is parallel to the way I experience songs within a mix when I DJ. It’s about the energy and feeling influenced and inspired by the way the songs flow together. To me, the channel you choose is the mood, the art represents a visual expression of that mood, and the music in the playlist represents the auditory expression of that same mood. Color, style, sounds, instruments, compositions, textures - they all are meant to physically express how we feel.
— Rachel White, Loupe Chief Experience Officer and Music Programmer