[ Loupe artwork above: "Orange" by Austin Phelps ]


Listen from any of your favorite music apps in the background while streaming Loupe on TV! Simply launch the music app on your Apple TV, Fire TV, or Android TV, then launch Loupe to experience a unique, randomized blend of music and visuals that perfectly suits your mood. 

~An infinite array of visual backdrops to pair with your streaming music ~ Create your own unique experience of perfect imagery and sound!~


Enjoy our integrated Spotify music player while web streaming at loupeart.com. Play any art channel in Loupe, then click the Spotify icon that shows right inside the Loupe stream!

Choose from your own Spotify playlists, or select Loupe playlists curated by top-level musicians, Loupe artists, & Loupe music programmers. Each playlist is directly inspired by the mood of the artwork within the channel.

*Note – The Spotify web player is no longer compatible with Safari. Use Chrome to stream Loupe with the integrated Spotify music player.

I create the playlists entirely from how the art makes me feel. I select a channel, such as Abstract, and allow myself to be moved by the pieces in the stream. To me each channel is like a journey, not meant to be viewed piece by piece, but rather experienced as a whole. Each piece serves as the necessary step to continue to the next.

“This is parallel to the way I experience songs within a mix when I DJ. It’s about the energy and feeling influenced and inspired by the way the songs flow together. To me, the channel you choose is the mood, the art represents a visual expression of that mood, and the music in the playlist represents the auditory expression of that same mood. Color, style, sounds, instruments, compositions, textures - they all are meant to physically express how we feel.
— Rachel White, Loupe Chief Experience Officer and Music Programmer