[ Loupe artwork above: "Red Poppy" by Parish Kohanim ]


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Enjoy Loupe wherever you are with free desktop and mobile web streaming. Click while streaming for artwork details and to buy select originals or fine art prints. Favorite art to watch all the art you like best in the MY GALLERY channel.

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While streaming Loupe, select any of our curated  music playlists inspired by the mood of the artwork, prepared by touring  musicians and DJs especially for Loupe. Enjoy music alongside  an uninterrupted visual backdrop to your day.


Once you select an art channel, use the Speed Slider to adjust the rate of artwork transitions between 15 seconds and 4 minutes while the art streams. Experiment with the speed while listening to music of different tempos and genres.

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Customize your viewing experience with Stream by Color or Stream by Artist.  View art in the 25 expertly-curated channels or organized by shades of 12 primary colors- ideal for Interior Design!- or by the artists of your choice.