An intimate series on the creative ways people use Loupe in their lives. See how the Loupe art player enhances the home /work environments and lifestyle of these power users, from creatives to entrepreneurs and business professionals. 

Martina Albano, Mastering Engineer, Atlanta, GA

Loupe Setup: Web streaming from 15” MacBook Pro (2009) to 42” LG TV, music streaming from iPad to M-Audio AV30s powered speakers in Martina's Living Room

When do you use Loupe?
“I use Loupe when I have people over, and I like to have people over as much as possible! While we’re talking, eating, happy hour, just hanging out.  I had it on one time during a brunch, it doesn’t have to just be at night.”
What music do you listen to with Loupe?
“I often choose instrumental music, where the meaning of the lyrics won’t contrast with the art.  I really enjoy Brazilian music for brunch, and for happy hour, electronic tracks with a driving beat.”
What Loupe channel do you like best?
“Honestly, I don’t remember the names. Every time I use Loupe I pick a different one. There are so many!  Whichever cover gets my attention, I chose by the cover of the playlist."

QUICK TIP - How to Customize LOUPE AT HOME 

Explore Loupe's popular STREAM BY COLOR feature and discover artwork that complements the color theme of your home, dinner party or simply your mood.
- On web player (  Select STREAM BY from the MENU upper left, then select COLOR
- On Apple TV: Select STREAM BY from Menu on top, then select COLOR  
Or go straight to "Shop by Color" with the browsing filters at

How does it work? The dominant color in the artwork image is calculated using Loupe’s custom color algorithm to masterfully interpret, “Is it blue, or is it purple?”

Stream By Color - not sure cropped right.jpg