[ Loupe artwork above: "Find Your Space" by Nicole Kutz ] 


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Loupe® is a visual content streaming company founded in 2015 by a team of audio and visual enthusiasts. The Loupe Art Player is designed to provide the world’s leading visual artists the opportunity to be discovered by global audiences via a continuous, immersive display of artwork on TV and LED displays. Shop fine art prints and artist originals through Loupe’s integrated marketplace.

Loupe is designed first and foremost as a streaming experience to add to the ambiance and energy of your home or workspace for extended periods of time. Being immersed in the Loupe world, a piece of art can suddenly compel you to grab your remote, favorite and return to it in the stream. If it truly resonates with your soul, you can translate it into something to add to your physical world and hang on the wall as Art.
— Dot Bustelo, CEO/Founder
The artwork streams of Loupe range from conventional oil painting, landscapes and realism, to more experimental forms of mixed media and abstractions. We aspire to evoke an emotional sensory response with quality and diversity. The scope of the collection is designed to include visual art that can be represented in an online streaming gallery venue effectively and accurately representing the qualities and characteristics of an art piece.  

Loupe provides a preference-based visual art experience, and a marketplace for artist and audience to transact.   This new venue has only become possible as digital on line image quality has reached a higher resolution. As an experience, Loupe offers a moving visual relief - a source of inspiration, a recharge of sensory stimulation, and a place for reflection.
— Rob Van Petten, Loupe Featured Photographer/Founding Chief Curator & Advisor
A Loupe artist is not bound by a wall; their work integrity vibrates across screens, thus becoming universal in space. The images invite movement as well as contemplation, engaging in an active dialogue with the user. Emerging and established artists find a collective community centered around passion, while simultaneously sparking user interaction with custom “favorites” and purchasing abilities. To pinpoint a Loupe artist’s style would only limit their vision. The works featured span all mediums and genres, finding a resting point in projected wonder.
— Nicole Kutz, Loupe Artist/Former Curator